What kind of suit is fashionable and cool to wear in summer?

Summer has come. It can be said: "The kudzu clothes are sparse and single, and the gauze hat is light and wide." Under the scorching summer, everyone's activities are gradually decreasing. (It's too hot after all)

But for the crowd with high dress requirements, how to dress formally in summer? Such as attending a date, party or wedding. Do you have to wear a thick suit?

Of course, the suits sold in each season are different. Summer suits are generally very thin, and the fabrics used are light and thin, such as linen, cotton and linen.

The summer is hot, so the fabric selection should first consider lightness and breathability. Whether it is linen or wool blend, it has the functions of lightness, breathability and good sweat absorption. Many brands of suits will produce spring and summer fabrics, which are characterized by lightness and breathability.

In fact, formal suits are still mainly made of wool fabrics, but you don’t need to feel hot and stuffy when you hear wool, because wool can also adjust the air permeability by the thickness of the weaving thread and the weaving method, and the finished product can even be lighter and thinner than cotton and linen , and the wool fabric has high stiffness and is not easy to wrinkle, so it is very suitable for making formal clothes. And choose wool fabrics suitable for summer, starting from the weave, weight and material.

Cotton and linen suits are very light, but they also satisfy the desire to wear suits in summer.

For summer suits, there are jackets + pants or shorts; there are also vests + pants or shorts. It mainly depends on everyone's preferences.

About dressing:
After choosing the right fabric technology, you can’t ignore the importance of shirts. For shirts, it is recommended to choose thinner cotton shirts, so that they can be matched more reasonably. Or when you are not attending a formal occasion, you can occasionally be fashionable and casual. Simply match a T-shirt under the top, and wear a pair of loafers or the popular white shoes, which is also unique.