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Founded in 2010 by the Menseventwear team, we always believe in the strength of the team, superb craftsmen, fashion inspiration is the core of our team

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about us

Start-up team

Our core team consists of 32 people, each of whom has more than 10 years of clothing design experience, our suits have been accepted by friends in more than 100 countries, our clothing designers are 32 years old on average, our team's common goal is create the most cost-effective and trendy suits.

About our story

In 2006, that was when I was looking for a job after graduating from college. I majored in hotel management, and in order to pass the interview I decided to get myself a suitable suit, when I entered the suit shop, the frustrating moment came, I found out that those handsome suits on the wall are not I was able to pay because I was still a college student. Within a month, I interviewed many companies, but none of them were willing to hire me, because the competition was very fierce, I was just a college student in an ordinary university, and I had no academic advantage or work experience, so I was unemployed.

In order to make a living, I chose to work as a designer assistant in a clothing startup company. My main job is to sew and take photos of clothing according to the designer's requirements. The work is very boring, and the monthly salary is only $300 when converted into US dollars. , I can only satisfy my food and clothing. It was the most memorable period of time for me. There is no direction in my life, I am very confused, and I don't know what the meaning of my life is.

Once I was walking down the street after get off work and saw the previous suit shop. I suddenly thought that there are many college students like me. If I can make a suit with good quality and low price, it will definitely be very popular. Months thinking I made a decision.
I quit my job and started selling in that suit shop. Not only did I save a lot of money in one year, but the important thing was that I learned more about suits. Most suits are expensive because of the raw materials. It's pure wool, so just find a high-quality fabric that's comfortable and not too expensive to make a suit, and the cost will be within our budget. I found 12 of my college classmates, some of them are fashion designers, some are international logistics, some are photographers, and some are models, so Menseventwear was born. We established this company through the partnership model. After 4 years of hard work, we have a suit shop of our own. As the company grows, our team continues to expand, and the quality of our suits continues to improve. In 2010, we officially went to the public.