What kind of suit is an ideal travel suit?

In today's rapidly developing society, people always need to go out for various reasons, sometimes for business trips, sometimes for travel or weddings, but when going out and need formal clothes, many people will face some headaches, let's answer them one by one

What kind of suit can survive the squeeze of boxing and still stay crisp?

When going out, you probably don't want to wear a suit on the road, but need to pack a suit in a suitcase, then the problem comes, once the suit is packed, it will face the risk of wrinkling it, so you have to be in a strange city. Or the country looking for places to iron their clothes, and possibly end up wearing a wrinkled suit and losing face.

Solution: Choose open weave fabrics with good resilience, such as the extremely wrinkle-resistant Hardy Minnis Fresco and Smith Wollens Finmeresco
The so-called good resilience means that as soon as it is taken out of the suitcase, it can immediately return to a crisp, sleek and wrinkle-free appearance. Here's a quick little test to experiment with the wrinkle resistance of the fabric: Grip the fabric firmly in your hand and let it go to see if it snaps back to its unwrinkled state so you can see if it will make a great set travel suit. The same method can be used whether you have a suit made to order or when you buy ready-to-wear.

What kind of suit is very durable and does not need to be dry cleaned frequently?

If your job requires frequent travel, chances are you won’t have time to wait for your suit to be dry-cleaned in the same city (not to mention that most laundromats only use carcinogenic dry-cleaning agents and don’t know how to iron them properly. your suit, there are very few laundromats that use good dry cleaners and know how to iron properly), when you need your suit fabric to be wrinkle resistant yet durable enough to be worn multiple times during a trip And still keep it clean and fresh.

Solution: A suit made of high-twisted plain-woven worsted fabric has good breathability, won't make you sweat even in a high-temperature environment, and has a good self-cleaning function. Hardy Minnis Fresco weighs about 9-10 ounces (280-310 grams per meter) and can be made into a four-season suit that can be worn all year round. When you pick it up and face the sun, you can easily see the light coming through without feeling the fabric too thin.
This is the kind of suit that will save you at least one professional dry cleaning a year, but if you do get unfortunate enough to get it dirty, try spot cleaning it with a damp cloth first.

What color suit is the most versatile and practical for travel?

When you go out to work and have fun at the same time, such as meeting with friends after a meeting or wedding, you may only need a suit but you need to give full play to its maximum use.

Solution: Opt for a navy blue suit with a soft construction that is not fully lined and has no shoulder pads.

A navy blue suit can be used for all formal occasions. If it has a light structure, such as thinner shoulder pads and lining, you can also wear it alone with beige chinos or light gray pants to create a slightly more casual style. Outfit.
Below is a navy blue suit with a striped shirt and tie. It is enough for a formal occasion. If you want to look more formal, you can change it to a plain white shirt and a darker tie with a pair of Oxfords. Shoes, this one will make you stand out in a cocktail party.

You can also go for an ivy style with a navy blue singlet and gray wool trousers. It is suitable for most business occasions, but it may be a little more formal for advertising and IT. You can try changing to beige chinos and removing the tie , Outdoor weddings can also use this suit, but remember to wear a tie this time

If you are catching up with old friends or on a date while traveling, then all of the above options are suitable, but it also depends on the situation. If it is in a fancy restaurant, it is recommended to wear a navy blue suit and tie. If it is just a casual gathering Then you can break the tradition and wear your own feeling.

I always give the suggestion of bringing a single top, it will complete the outfit and before you know it you are defined as a manly man, and it will give you more sharpness in front of the opponent . Another reason is that when you go out, the top is very convenient for storing small items such as your wallet and mobile phone.