When shopping for suits, how to choose custom suits and ready-to-wear suits?

I wonder if anyone has this question in mind when shopping for a suit: should they choose a ready-to-wear suit or a custom suit? What's the difference between them?

First of all, ready-to-wear suits are generally sold in stores and existing products in stores. Buy now to wear. But the disadvantage is, because it is an off-the-shelf suit. Factory is fixed size and fabric, including style. Maybe you'll see a style you like in the store. But can't accept its fabric. Of course, for people with large differences in body size. You may not be able to find a suit that suits you.

A custom suit is an exclusive suit made just for you. Everywhere has the standard and style you have in mind. You can choose your own fabrics, colors, and more. Of course, bespoke suits also have their downsides. In order to perfectly fit the customer's body, custom suits require the tailor to measure the customer's body size. The process will be more complicated, which is a point. Another point is that because it is a custom suit, it can take a long time to wear it to a party or wedding immediately. Therefore, if there is an itinerary, it is recommended that you need to make a plan and time budget in advance to customize. Otherwise, I think it will fall short. The suit will be later than you expect.

If you don't know how to choose.

You can also make a budget sheet. Because the price of ready-to-wear suits and tailored suits is also very different. In comparison, ready-to-wear suits are much cheaper, and custom suits are generally expensive. So if your budget is not very high, you can choose a suit that suits you.

The above are my personal thoughts, if anyone has a different opinion. Feel free to write your own opinions in the comment section below~