What is the purpose of the suit jacket, and why is it worn?

Have you ever thought about it that why do we wear suit jackets?

I was a little surprised when I saw this question on Quora, as if we never thought about it.

Under this question, there are three people who give their own opinions, and each person has a different opinion. I think the most interesting answer is this one

The first person thinks that the main purpose of the jacket and shirt is to keep warm, and the original purpose of the shirt is to keep the jacket clean and away from the dirty body. The netizen's answer is very interesting. If this is true, why can't each of us put on a sweater or hoodie to keep our blazers clean?

The second netizen's answer is somewhat reasonable but does not seem to answer the question directly. She says that the suit jacket makes the suit perfect, and only the addition of the suit jacket is recognized as the model of formal dress around the world, and the suit jacket is put on to make the suit look perfect.

When I saw the answer, I agreed, but it didn't seem relevant to our question, right.

The third answer is the one I think is more perfect than the first two answers.

He said the suit jacket completed the look, In French, the word for suit is "complet" and that's really appropriate.I suppose it’s all psychological for myself and others. I don’t like feeling like something I’m doing is incomplete and needs just one more thing done to make it right.

There’s a set of the population who thinks the suit jacket is too much. I just think it completes what I’ve decided to put on for the day. This is even more so when it actually is a suit and the jacket and pants are of the same fabric and design.

I prefer the last answer. What do you think if it was you.

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