What accessories go well with kilt suits and jackets?

Source for the kilt suit:

The plaid skirt worn by Scottish men is called a kilt. Scots are proud of their kilts, which are worn at all festivals. A completely traditional outfit includes a skirt, jacket, leather bag, shoes and a knife.

Plaid skirts appeared in the Scottish Highlands in the 16th century. It wasn't until the mid-18th century that the version of the skirt was called the "big kilt". It's actually a wide plaid, a real blanket to wrap around at night. Clothes dry quickly and don't interfere with walking. Since Scotland is humid and the region is full of swamps, a cozy warm blanket protects travelers from colds and colds. If there is war, a large kilt falls to the ground and does not interfere in the fighting.

For men in kilts:

Traditional black socks are worn on the legs to coordinate with the plaid on the kilt. A plaid beret was shown off the head, in the same pattern as the skirt. Skirt knives with runes engraved on them are a must for me.

A leather bag with metallic elements, trimmed with fur as a weighting agent, is placed on the front so that the kilt does not swell in the wind. For the same purpose, the belts are tied with rich buckles, decorated in a Scottish style. You can often meet people like this in Scotland and abroad - in Canada and the US where there are many Scottish expats.