Is your life like New Choluteca Bridge? (As soon as the bridge is repaired, the river escapes)

In the winter of 1998 in Central America, the New Choluteca Bridg in Honduras felt particularly cold. It stood motionless on the bank, watching the water flow away not far from itself without looking back.

The bridge in the golden sunlight can't feel the warmth. While it is nostalgic for the river, it thinks about the meaning of its own bridge as a bridge.

After years of loneliness, the new Choluteka Bridge is known to more and more people. In people's cognition, it has become a freehand painting of one's own life:

  • The exam is like the new Cholutka bridge, my efforts are on the bridge, and the exam range is in the river;
  • The work is like the new Cholutka bridge, the project is planned on the bridge, the project is actually in the river;
  • Making a living is like the new Choluteka bridge, the things I am good at are on the bridge, and the work that makes money is in the river;
  • The epidemic prevention in some places is like the New Choluteka Bridge, the epidemic prevention measures are on the bridge, and the new crown epidemic is in the river.

The new Choluteka Bridge, proudly straddles the useless land.

Finally, if you feel that your life is like the new Joe Lutka Bridge, on the one hand, you have to admit that some external forces are overwhelming, and on the other hand, you have to think about whether you are not ready for the challenge of the storm.