How should we live this life?

Sometimes I can't help but think about how to spend my life to be meaningful, and what is this life for?

Whenever I think about this question, I feel so decadent because I don't know the answer. I also tried to look at other people's answers on the Internet. Everyone's answers are different. Some people think it's just for money, some people think that life is just to live, some people live for their dreams, and some people never live. Thinking about this problem, some people live just to fill their stomachs.

Since I was a child, my living environment was not rich. Everyone regarded money as very important. Influenced by the environment, I also regarded money as very important like most people. I thought that if you have money, you will have everything. Accompany me to graduate from university.

During the 4 years in college, I have done many part-time jobs, won many scholarships, and have accumulated a lot of money. But when I was looking for a job after graduation, I was reluctant to spend part of the money to buy a suit, so I didn't take part in the graduation photo of my classmates. Looking back, I regret it.

After entering social work, I found out how lonely I am, I can't even find a person to talk to, although I have property that my peers don't have, but my life is very simple.

I don't understand what I'm doing here, does it mean anything to me? I don't have a wonderful life, I don't have close friends, I don't have ideals, I don't have passion. Gradually, I started to become irritable. I wanted to get rid of this life. I wanted to have fun and do whatever I wanted, but then I But I found that I lost interest in anything.

From that moment on, I started to redeem myself, life is too short, why not give it a try. I began to pay attention to the quality of life and enjoy life. I stopped worrying about money, and I stopped worrying about gains and losses. I pursued my spiritual life, drove my favorite sports car, and wore a beautiful suit. This is the life I want.

At this time, I understood that the meaning of life is to enjoy, everyone's time to live is limited, isn't it just to be happy, what else can make us feel that we are still alive?