How do I figure out my suit size at home?

I saw this question on quora, and I thought it was too simple to answer, but I suddenly found that many people care about this question, so I simply wrote a blog to answer this question.


The easiest way is to measure your height and weight, measure your shoulder width, bust, waist, arm, hip, thigh and leg length. If someone helps you at home, it will be much more convenient. When you ask this question, there is a high probability that you are living alone, and real valuable knowledge will come.

I believe that everyone basically knows their height and weight, but they are not very sure about the size of other parts of themselves. Here are some simple measurement methods. When you want to measure your shoulder width, you can cross your hands, keep your arms perpendicular to your chest, print your elbows on the wall, and measure both elbows The distance between, add 10 cm to this distance is your shoulder width

When measuring the bust, use a paper ruler to go around behind you, hold the 0 end of the paper measure in your left hand, and hold the end that goes around behind your back in your right hand. Thigh circumferences are all measured using the same method

When measuring the leg length, you can stand by the wall, record the position of your thigh when you stand straight, and measure the value with a ruler.

Now you only know what size suit you should wear. You can go online to check the size value of the suit online store. Usually, there will be a corresponding size in these websites, and you will know the size of the suit you are wearing.

If you think this is too much trouble, you can go directly to the suit store and try on different sizes of suits, whichever size is comfortable to wear, that is your size, it seems more convenient.

Thanks for watching, see you next time.