Do people say that wearing suits is good for your confidence and personality? If so, why?

A suit consists of a jacket; a vest; and trousers. The premise of the composition: they are matching (including styles and colors are a series.) This is called 3 pieces suit. Of course, two-piece suits are also common in the market. As the name implies, it refers to the composition of jacket + pants.

About whether a suit can bring you confidence and personality. I think it will, it will make you a sight in the crowd. Bring you a lot of praise and praise, so that you will have more confidence to show your charm. There is a saying in China: "A man depends on his clothes and a horse depends on his saddle". The moment the suit is put on, it will have its meaning of existence.

However, the suit only brings you a supporting role. I think everyone should have self-confidence. Believe that you are unique and indispensable in the world. To keep yourself personal.

The shape of suits are sharp and angular; a well-fitting suit will make a person have a different shape. A suit is formal and serious. Therefore, when people put on a suit, it will help their self-confidence and personalization. This is normal.