Do men have more power in a suit than in jeans or shorts? If so, why?

This statement is not absolute. The premise is to look at everyone's dressing style and preferences.

But shorts don't seem to have the upper hand when it comes to "powerful." Because the shorts give everyone the feeling of leisure and refreshing. Most people who choose shorts want to be cool, and many people choose them in summer.

And jeans, I think; most men would choose too. Wearing jeans is still very common. Jeans are divided into loose and skinny. Loose jeans give people a retro style and lazy temperament. Skinny jeans will show the lines of your legs. Skinny jeans give you a sense of power.

This does not mean that men wear tights. It just allows men as much freedom with their jeans as women. Chances are, no one other than the wearer will know they have stretch.

And the suit, everyone will be obvious. The shape of the suit is very strong. Invisibly, it will give people a huge impact of power. Most men's suit choices tend to be sharp and simple. This gives a serious vibe. Of course, the male figure will be shown without reservation.

Why do you say that suits are more preferred than most clothing, have a sharper contrast, and are already more powerful. Because most suits are suitable for wearing in prom, wedding, dating and other occasions with a strong sense of ceremony. Wearing a suit on these occasions will obviously make people think you are handsome and very powerful.

The above are personal thoughts, welcome to ask if you have different opinions.