Do Chinese people like to wear a suit or a Chinese dress?

In European countries, people usually wear suits when they get married. What kind of dress do Chinese people prefer to wear when they get married in China?


In China, most young people will choose to marry or suit as a dress, the main reason still think a suit can foil a person's temperament and figure, when people put on a suit will naturally feel the charm of the larger, although some people think that this is a sample, but the clothes is only one item, everyone's different aesthetic, nature have different opinions

But Chinese dress now also in slowly in the sights of people accepted again, there are a lot more living in China for Chinese culture's obsession with the foreign friends, so now many young people will be the choice of the Chinese dress as a wedding, the greatest characteristic of Chinese style dress is red, in Chinese, people think red represents joy, the Chinese like lively, So more and more people gradually like Chinese dress

Designer has increased a lot in Chinese style dress element, golden red skirt collocation of the gold lace, foil gorgeous breath awareness, tactful and do not break beautiful, suit to give a person a kind of the flavor of the proud, and Chinese style dress completely eliminate this, so now most of the people has gradually choose Chinese style dress as the first choice for the wedding

What kind of dress would you choose for your wedding? Post your thoughts in the comments section.



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