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Bought this for my fiancé, we are getting married next week. He is very satisfied. The suit fits him very well. He looks handsome when he wears it. Hahahaha. I’m starting to look forward to it~

Very happy with suit

Excellent suit. Nothing to complain of, and exactly what I was looking for.

Very nice suit. I found that their website has a lot of nice suits. I will come back when I have enough money.

I received the suit. I couldn't wait to try it on and found that it fit surprisingly well. Thank goodness I bought one size larger than usual and it actually fit.
Very comfortable material.

The size fits perfectly, there are no tears or rips in the jacket, and the neicheng is perfect on the inside.

Very nice suit. I like it, the quality seems to last a long time, I washed it once and there is no shrinkage

The jacket is perfect than I imagined. Perfect for a dance or party. I'm going to wear it to the band dance tonight. The color of champagne is fascinating. The size is perfect, I need to find another pair of black pants to go with it.

Very beautiful suit, very exquisite. It looks very complicated to work on.
Size M is enough for me.

Fits true to size and the suit is great. Very cool to wear

Such a beautiful suit for such a cheap price. worth

The suit is very light and is just right to wear at this time.
No breakage issues whatsoever. I love it, the quality is better than what I saw from the website

I bought three vests, the colors are the same. Dad loves it too and luckily the largest size is available for him. He seemed to enjoy it. Thinking about trying other colors

I really like the design of this suit. Many of their suits are very unique.
Size and color are no problem. But I am very tall and my pants are a little short. It doesn't matter, it seems to be more convenient for movement. great

The suit was received and the details and stitching of the suit were perfect. discount price

Very exquisite and beautiful. Very handsome

Dad seemed to like it, it made it all worth it, he loved this style of suit. Classic and retro, giving people a simple and elegant feeling. The size is 4XL. My father has a big belly and this size is just right for him. But I think 5XL should be more comfortable and looser. If you like a loose fit, you can buy a larger size

The pink one is beautiful! ! ! My son wore it to a campus party and told me he got lots of compliments from his classmates. Great, worthy of my return and praise

The suit fits the size perfectly and was delivered promptly. I can attend the dance tomorrow on time. Thank you.

Very nice pockets, great design. I love so much

The suit has a very luxurious design and is very beautiful. I wore it and danced a bit at the dance. Received praise from many people
Fits true to size, good quality

I like this suit very much, simple and elegant. Classic style. Suitable for work and daily wear

Great designs, I love a lot of their suits. Looking forward to continuing to work together. The suit is very beautiful and exquisite

Very nice suit, fits true to size. It's slim fit, mind you. If you mind slimming down, be careful.
It's very cool to wear and the quality is okay