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After wearing it for a few days, it is very strong. no damage
The stripes are beautiful and slimming.

I love these suits. I just bought a second one. They are made of uniform cloth so you can wash and dry them at home. Skip the dry cleaners! I often get compliments on these suits. They are very comfortable. I wear these things until they are worn out. My first one lasted two years before I ran out. I'm not gentle with them, I wear them all the time. I will definitely buy more in the future. Did I mention I love these suits?

The vest is beautifully designed on the front and back. Good workmanship. very suitable. What to wear for a night out or to church. Its material feels smooth and comfortable. Great texture. Really recommend! ! ! !

My son is 5'11" and about 180 lbs. We ordered a size L. The jacket fits perfectly.

Ordered XXL. Absolutely love the color and the quality did not disappoint. However, the logistics are a bit delayed, sorry for that. Luckily, the whole outfit fit perfectly. This suit is definitely a slim fit. If you have meat, it is recommended to take a larger size.

I bought this suit for a trip to Las Vegas and it was perfect. Some pockets are available. But beyond that, there are plenty of compliments. It's not the best suit money can buy, but for the price, it's a really great suit.

Truly Impressive!!!

Initially, I was concerned about delivery time, although I ordered the suit a month in advance; so I reached out to consumer services and shared my concern. My concern still lingered even after I was assured that receipt of the selected item would be delivered before my event with expedited shipping, today the suit arrived a week before the event. Honestly, I thought the delivery was another item ordered.
The package was opened to check for content only, and then I took it directly to my tailor, where he stated, “Only a little alteration is needed with the sleeves and pants. So, the suit was almost a perfect fit, and the quality of the fabric equates to a much higher priced suit, which is truly impressive. Please support Mens Event Wear, understandably individual results will vary; but I hope your experience will be as phenomenal as mine.

The pants and vest are as expected, the color is basically the same as the picture. The material is super light and soft. It didn't arrive on time as stated though. But it's not a big problem. The jacket is a little tight (not very baggy) but fits well. Very slim. I love so much

My son was invited to a sweet 16 at the last minute. So glad we received this and it arrived on time, he put on the mask and had a great time with his friends. Will buy again.

Unlike newer cruisers, my family loves to dress for formal night on the cruise. The White Jacket was perfect. Packed well and looked great while not breaking the bank.
The style is good-looking, but not fancy, very simple. It's my favorite classic style

Band tux. Very good fit, just had to take up the sleeves which was expected.
It wasn't terribly wrinkled, and I was able to iron it. I like this suit very much.

I'm about 5'8 220 lbs. The jacket fits perfectly. The fabric also has a little bit so it's not restrictive at all. I ordered brown. The black one wants to be that big. The fabric is very textured. very retro

Well, it's a good pretty one. sparkling with light. When I came back from the party, I was very happy to be recognized by everyone. Note that shipping is a bit slow. If you like friends, please arrange an overdue time. I really waited for a long time, woo woo woo


I have been looking for cheap suits for a long time and have been blown away by the quality of this product. I was attracted by the beautiful pictures from the very beginning. But worried that it will be different from the picture. Surprised to receive the package. I love so much.

Logistics seems to be slow, second time for this repurchase. Logistics was delayed for a few days. Their business seems to be doing well. They told me about the shipping delays due to the high volume of orders.
Eventually I received the suit. They are very formal. The clothes are also very beautiful.

Looks great and fits great! The whole wedding was held perfectly. The place where the wedding is held is very hot. It wears great and is very refreshing. My wife also gave me a lot of compliments. Very good shopping experience. praise

Great product BUT order a size UP from what you usually do. The material is thick and they call it a herringbone style.

Looking for a comfortable suit. I took a fancy to this one at a glance and got used to its unique design.

The material has a bit of texture and looks great with a simple shirt.

I want to order more.

I wanted the look of the vest in the photo and was not disappointed. It fits well, it's my favorite style. I ordered the size chart and am very happy with the results.


Great value and quality well worth the money. I bought this for my husband to go on a cruise. He loves it! I wouldn't hesitate to buy these for a wedding or reception! The price is reasonable! You can dress them up or dress them up! ! !

Great looking Jacket! My husband loved it!! He looked better than the groom!! Very elegant looking!

The jacket fit, the pants were made to my size and it was a perfect suit. Plenty of room after buttoning up. won't make you feel tight

Everything fits and looks even better. worth buying. The color is also very beautiful


My son loves this suit. I am very happy.
I'm not going to lie, very concerned it might not be appropriate. But really fits and looks good too. I bought him another tank top to match the pants and it worked surprisingly well. So glad I got him this and it met my expectations.