What do men wear to prom?

I believe life can be meaningful and enjoyable by throwing a party or dance every once in a while. Whether it is an adult or a student, it will be essential.

Balls are an American tradition that dates back more than 100 years. In fact, the first recorded game took place at Amherst College in 1894. Apart from the trendy flared abiti of the '70s and ruffled shirts of the '80s, prom-goers almost always wore the same style ingredients. An evening dress, black bow tie and a new pair of polished dress shoes were as essential then as they are now.

However, if you're new to formal wear, you might be a little confused by all of these sartorial details. In this guide, we'll cover some basics about men's prom attire to help you create the perfect look to show off in photos and on the dance floor.

Side note: These looks aren't just for men! Ladies look equally stunning in well-fitting suits.

Some accessories for formal attire:
1. Papillon: The color of the bow tie is uniform and matches with formal clothes. If you wear a bow tie, you will become a gentleman and handsome. Generally young people or students will try.

2. Cravatta: The tie is the same as the bow tie, and the color should match the formal dress worn that day. Learn more about color matching. If you wear a tie, it will make you calm and mature. There are many ties used by general adults.

Consider the subject
You don't necessarily have to dress in a way that matches the theme of the dance, but it works as inspo if you get lost. Some common themes include masquerade, old Hollywood, fairytale, and decade themes. Se il tema è correlato a un certo periodo di tempo - come gli anni '60 o '70 - potresti voler cercare un abito e un abbigliamento da sera in quel periodo e lasciarti guidare verso il vestito o l'abito da sera giusto.

Most Common Men's Prom Attire:
1. Smoking
Prom tuxedos are the most formal and dressy option, so they're perfect for black tie and formal dress codes. They are usually made of high-quality materials such as wool and are usually worn with a bow tie, formal shirt and vest or belt. Lo smoking ha qualche rivestimento elegante che li rende più eleganti di un abito tipico, tra cui rivestimento di raso sui risvolti, i lati dei pantaloni e persino i pulsanti.
If you want to keep it classic, we recommend an all black tuxedo with a black bow tie and vest.

2. Dress suit
Dress suits are another common option for men attending prom. If you still want to look dressy, but without the vibe of a classic evening gown, we recommend going this route. Unlike a tuxedo, a prom suit doesn't have to be complete with a bow tie and additional pieces like a veste or belt. It is perfectly acceptable to wear a tie instead of a bow tie with a suit. They can also look great in a suit.