Is the buttonhole on the collar of the suit a superfluous move by the designer?

Understand those seemingly useless fine details;
He is a real gentleman! ! !
For most men, knowing that black dress shoes cannot be paired with white socks is enough to get a high score. If you pay attention to the small buttonhole in the collar of the suit, you can be a role model.

Of course, even if you didn’t know it before, it’s still time to make up lessons. Today’s article will tell you how to use this buttonhole.

When you notice that some suits have a buttonhole on the left collar but no matching button on the right collar, you can be sure that the buttonhole is more decorative than practical up. (It can also be used to fasten the first concealed button of the collar on the right for wind and sand protection and keeping warm in winter)
There is a romantic saying about its origin:

Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom gave the groom Prince Albert a small bouquet of flowers on the wedding day. The prince had an idea, cut a small hole in the left collar of the jacket, and inserted the small bouquet of flowers on it . Since then, Prince Albert has had his tailor make such a small hole in all his coats.

This move has also aroused the imitation of the folks. In Europe in the 19th century, in order to show their free and easy style, the children of nobles would also hide a small flower on their chest, so the buttonhole on the left collar became a flower socket, which was called "playful" behind their backs. Eyes", nicknamed "beautiful eyes" and "fancy eyes" in public.

In the traditional attire, what the playful eye wears must be flowers, carnations are the traditional choice, white is suitable for weddings, funerals and formal occasions; all others can wear red carnations, and if the occasion requires, you can also choose yellow or pink carnations. In addition, the blue cornflower is also a good choice. The other flower species should be carefully selected, and the flowers that are too gorgeous still belong to the ladies.

But with the development of fashion, many dressing taboos have been broken again and again, and the rules and regulations about playful eyes are also undergoing innovation. Today's fashionable men are constantly trying various fresh flower species, such as small white roses, white camellias, tiny calla lilies, and even artificial corsages.

In order to cater to men's low-key show off, some suits will have a noose on the back of the collar. This noose is specially used to fix the flower stem.

If the corsage is relatively large and cannot be inserted into the buttonhole, or the buttonhole is too high, and the suit has no buttonholes, the corsage should also be fixed on the left collar, with the stem vertically downward, and pinned to the position of the shoe.

Under normal circumstances, the color of the corsage should match the color of the pocket square

If you think wearing flowers is too gorgeous, some business or political men prefer to wear brooches or small badges in playful eyes, which have a very low-key decorative effect.

Today, there are no mandatory rules for the occasions and groups of people who wear flowers and badges

If you have to say a rule, well, just as long as you like it.