How should I choose my first suit?

Be it children, teenagers, or adults. When you experience wearing a suit for the first time, how do you choose? Is this suit the right size for me? How to choose the color? et beaucoup plus. . . . . .

  • Question about size

If you are buying a suit for the first time, there is no premise. It is recommended that you have a certain understanding of your own needs; for example, your measurements, height and weight. Need to accurately measure your size information before buying. In this way, the suit purchased will be more fit and fit, and show your figure. If you really don't know what size is right for you. You can choose to go to a tailor, or a specialized suit shopping store. Go ask and measure your own size data. Most people will choose tailor shop or online custom size. (La combinaison achetée de cette façon sera plus précise) Bien sûr, si vous êtes confiant dans votre taille, vous pouvez choisir la taille standard que vous portez habituellement à acheter. When buying a suit for the first time, knowing your size is the first step, and you must pay attention to it.

  • Question about choosing colors

I believe that most people do not know what color looks good when buying clothes. The first choice is dark clothes. Because black, gray, brown, coffee. These can never go wrong. For example, black gives a formal, serious and steady atmosphere. The most important thing is that it will be very thin! ! ! ! If you are sure of your figure, you can choose bright colors, which will make people shine. Of course, when it comes to choosing colors. You can also choose according to what kind of occasion you are attending. If you are at a party or a dance. You can be very bold in choosing a bright, experiential suit. If it is an occasion for a sense of ceremony, such as weddings, work meetings, etc., it is recommended to choose black, gray, and dark blue.

  • About the different styles of suits

There are many styles of suits, and they all have their own unique designs. Par exemple; collar classification: Notch Lapel, Peak Lapel, Shawl Lapel. Suit pattern classification: Herringbone, Plaid, Tweed. And of course tuxedos and regular suits. There are also many styles and varieties of fabrics. If it is the first time for you, it is recommended to choose ordinary normal models, which will be very suitable. Suits can be selected step by step. Change the style slowly each time.

Among the many suits, there is always one that suits you, trust your intuition!