Do detectives always wear suits and ties?

Vraisemblablement, lorsque vous entendez le mot "détective", il vous vient à l'esprit: un homme en costume noir, un chapeau de gentleman, une chemise blanche et un nœud papillon de la même couleur. The whole person exudes a sense of mystery...

Speaking of which, everyone must be very puzzled, why are most detectives wearing bow ties? Is this their special logo? Is there anything mysterious about this bow tie? Or full of their fighting power? (je rigole)

Of course, in many movies, some detectives are in suits. For example: "Death on the Nile" and "Sherlock Holmes", but there are also a few in plain clothes.

First of all, a tie is something that enhances a man's charm. Detective is a mysterious profession in itself, and it also reminds him of his own wisdom. A tie can enhance the charm of a character even more. It also brings out their rigorous and meticulous temperament. Bow ties are essential for them, full of ritual, and can be said to be an image feature.

Et ces détectives en civil peuvent être pour faciliter leurs actions, afin que personne ne puisse détecter leurs identités mystérieuses, afin qu'ils puissent découvrir la vérité à tout moment.

This is my idea, what do you think? If you have different ideas from me, please post your ideas in the comment area and ask for advice.