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Fit pretty well, it’s a light weight suit though, summertime weddings. Might be another one again in a different style for next summer.

The quality is better than I expected for the price. Surprised how well it fits. The material of the suit is very thin. I got so many compliments... wore it to charity fundraisers and never felt like I was wearing a cheap suit. So glad I bought the classic black as I hope to get more use out of it.

I need to pay for a formal wedding but don't want to spend $300 to rent one, so I thought I'd look into buying one. I saw the price and tried it before buying and thought I'd give it a try. I am very happy. It fits perfectly and is of good quality for something I don't wear very often. The fabric is nice, the stitching is nice, and it looks sharp. For only $128, you can't beat this.

This is a beautiful suit that includes a waistcoat and trousers. I hope next week's event goes smoothly.

The fit is perfect and the material and color are great.
The striped pattern is very beautiful, I like it very much

I had the honor of officiating my best friend's wedding in this suit and OMG the ladies loved me. I spent the entire evening dancing with the groom's aunt and the bride's friends. That's largely thanks to this handsome suit.

Nice fit.
Fits great and looks and feels like good quality.

This is a beautiful suit, I wore it to my party event and it went very smoothly and perfectly. It fits well and there is no discomfort when moving my limbs. There is enough space, I like it

It's hard to determine the size online unless you already have a blazer from the same company, which I don't. I took a chance and bought a size larger. Yes, it is perfect, not too big and not too small for me.

I took a gamble and thought I'd see how it went for fit and quality and I'm really glad I did. This has become my new favorite vest to wear to work!

My husband's suit comes in various colors, we bought two, he bought the navy blue one a while ago. This time I bought him another color, beige, which is suitable for parties and very gentlemanly. He said they were very comfortable and loose fitting. Just right!

they are very good! I can finally order a suit for my husband that suits him. He likes this style of suit very much, it's retro and classic, and the herringbone material looks very warm. recommend

The fabric of these pants looks very thick. I'm happy with the price and I'm ready to try buying others. It's royal blue and the fabric sheen looks great.

This suit is very beautiful. It comes with a suit jacket, vest and trousers. They are all perfect and the colors are beautiful. Very pure color

I love the product and don't mind the tight fit, I bought size M. Very slim fit for me. If you like loose fit, it is recommended to go up a size.

A very classic vest that can be matched with various jackets and coats. I have several vests like this in my closet. I want to buy more, I really like this style

The suit fits fairly well and is true to size. Logistics was a little slower than I expected. The quality is better than expected. I would buy again…

Love this outfit on my husband. It looks very handsome and gentlemanly. marvelous. He also likes it very much. He said it matches him very well and he likes the color very much.

Good vest, fair price, delivered on time

The XL size fits my husband perfectly who is 5'8" tall and weighs 188". The plus size fits perfectly. The material used in the vest is not heavy. I think of vests as more of a fashion item. Wouldn't consider using it to keep warm. Very happy with the vest.

This suit is awesome, the material feels to be of great quality. Very thick. Every detail is handled very well. The jacket is lined and hemmed on the inside and even has pockets. I like it very much and think the price is very worth it~

Such a cool jacket, I don’t even want to take it off. I wear it every day at work, today is already the third day hahahaha. I'm planning to buy another one in another color. The quality is very good, don’t worry

This outfit suits my husband perfectly! It's made from high-quality fabric and is easy to care for. He feels comfortable in them and plans to order them in different colors.

I've been looking for a blazer. It's hard to find the right color and style.
I'm glad to see menseventwear selling it at a good price.
I wore it for almost a little over a week. Until the weather gets colder. The quality is great and incredible.
I will continue to come

The vest and collar are made of other materials, like velvet. I'm sure it will be warm. Fabric that can be used in cold places and works very well. The pants are very good, well designed and well made.