What's the difference between a three-piece suit and a regular suit? Why are three-piece suits more popular?

Ordinary suits are one-piece suits, that is, a suit jacket that does not match the trousers, and is only suitable for informal occasions.

A three-piece suit, as the name suggests, refers to a three-piece suit consisting of a suit jacket, vest and trousers. The fabrics, colors and styles are the same, and the styles echo each other. Usually, suits are divided into two-piece suits and three-piece suits. Two piece set includes: clothes; pantalones. The three-piece set includes: clothing; pantalones; chaleco.

Why do people choose to wear three-piece suits?

The three-piece suit represents not only fashion, but also a recognition of clothing culture and a sense of ritual in life.
Compared with the two-piece suit, the three-piece suit with an extra vest is more versatile. After taking off the jacket, revealing the vest with a self-cultivation inside can perfectly bring out your figure. In addition, its thermal insulation effect is also better than the two-piece suit~

Where do you all wear a three-piece suit?

Such a practical and easy-to-wear three-piece suit can shine in various occasions~

1. Wedding
First of all, the three-piece suit is the best choice for the groom at the wedding. In such a solemn and formal occasion, the three-piece suit can perfectly show your attention to the wedding and your respect for the bride and all the guests.

In the color of the suit, you can choose dark gray or black, and the color of accessories such as bow ties, square scarves, and corsages can be embellished with the color of the bouquet, which is both festive and solemn.

The groom wears a three-piece suit at the moment of the wedding ceremony, and often chooses to wear a waistcoat when toasting. This is due to the repeated lifting of the arms when toasting, the suit will restrict the groom's activities, and wearing a vest can just meet this situation.

Of course, the best man can also wear a three-piece suit, but in order to avoid overwhelming guests, you can choose a light gray color with a safer color, and at the same time omit overly decorative accessories.

2. Business occasions

A three-piece suit is indispensable for formal business occasions, such as attending important meetings, business negotiations, and formal conversations with leaders. It can help you create a professional, capable, mature and stable professional image.

At this time, you can choose a more serious and serious black style and a self-cultivation version with a strong sense of business. The loose version will appear too casual and relaxed.

3. Leisure occasions

Of course, the all-purpose three-piece suit is not only suitable for formal occasions, but also for casual occasions such as shopping and parties.

For example, you can choose a brighter blue line and a lively large plaid, which can instantly break the tension of the overall shape. At the same time, pair it with sporty white sneakers instead of heavy dark leather shoes, which looks both casual and energetic.

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