How can I make my suit look less businesslike?

There are many styles of suits. The main categories are: two-piece suits and three-piece suits. About styles are: Smoking, business type, casual type. There is also the difference between single-breasted and double-breasted. Choosing a style that suits you can be said to be one in a million.

On How to Make a Suit Look Less Businesslike

First of all, when picking a suit. Avoid all colors and styles linked to business. For example, some dark series or dark blue series of colors. These colors look more formal and serious. General business suits are concentrated in these color series. About the version; business suits are formal and smooth. It will look simple and elegant. When choosing a suit. The above situation can be avoided. This way your suit will look less business-like.

How to choose a suit for a formal occasion

In the case of attending a prom, you can boldly choose what you like when choosing a suit. The color can also jump a little bit. brighter. This is how it will shine at the dance. Like a tuxedo.

If you're going out on a date, try something with a little graphic style. Checkered or striped style. Of course, it still needs to be based on your own preferences.

In the case of a gathering of friends, you can try a lively suit. This will make you look brighter.